• Bellini

      KES 1,600

      An italian summer dream. This peachy-pink is flirty and plush. Choose it as your everyday nude.

    • Dolce

      KES 1,600

      An italian summer dream. This peachy-pink is flirty and plush. Choose it as your everyday nude.

    • French Kiss

      KES 990

      Seductively plush with a hint of tint. French Kiss is the new nude you must have.

    • Iconic

      KES 1,600

      The ultimate skin tone- nude. It’s classic and timeless.

    • Maple

      KES 1,600

      A walnut brown that is ever in season.

    • Multitasker Concealer

      KES 1,710

      Meet the “Multitasker Concealer”, our Vegan, hydrating, full-coverage concealer, created for all the demanding roles that women play in a 12-hour day. Our instant-brightening formula lets you tackle the day looking and feeling like your best. Get through the stress, fatigue and long hour days with an instant lift, brighten and smooth.

    • ON THE GLOW Apple and Pear Face Mist

      KES 2,300
      Introducing our new Apple & Pear Rose Gold Face Mist; the perfect addition to your daily Glow-up routine.
      Use it to prep and set your face before and after make-up for the ultimate GLOW!
      This product is also a skincare product and can be used over your skincare routine for a healthy natural skin look.
    • ON THE GLOW Gel Mask

      KES 2,300

      Our hydra-glow mask helps invigorate and brighten fatigued, dull skin.
      Achieve a radiant glow with this cooling, soothing, hydrating and brightening face mask with Turmeric, Aloe, Menthol and Orange peel extract.

    • ON THE GLOW Mattifying Face Mist

      KES 2,300
      Lemon & Lime – Refreshingly Youthful
      Our newest addition to the On The Glow Family, our refreshing face mist is more just deliciously-scented! This “skincare-first” mist mattifies and balances oil production while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.
    • On The Glow Mist Bundle

      KES 4,000

      Makeup meets SkinCare with these Refreshing, Hydrating. and Soothing Face mists that add a natural glow to your skin while keeping your makeup in place!

      The Set entails:

      • The On The Glow Apple & Pear Face Mist
      • The On The Glow Pink Orchid Face Mist


      Achieve that subtle sun-kissed glow in an instance!
      Recommended for all skin types!
    • Power Bundle

      KES 7,000

      A bundle that consists of the most essential tools for the AMBITIOUS ON THE GO WOMAN!

    • Smooch

      KES 990

      Purple haze, do you dare?

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