Fierce Power Mascara


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Introducing our long-wear, lengthening & smudge-proof mascara that works wonders for that “natural falsies” look. Packed with Coconut Oil and Vitamin E, this incredible formula is designed to last all day and add a bit of drama whilst maintaining healthy lashes!

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We were also inspired by the difficulty in removing regular mascara – so we decided to make a smudge-proof mascara that doesn’t smudge, even when removed. Our unique technology allows mascara to come off in string-like bits to avoid the formula dripping the face.
Inspired by the fierce cats of the African savannah, this product is designed to ignite your inner power animal, and, through times of despair, difficulty, anxiety, and stress, your power lashes inspire you to find the inner strength to power on!
How to use:
  • Repeatedly apply mascara in “Z” shape motion.
  • Brush Lashes from on top and underneath.
  • Use the tip of the mascara brush to refine and lengthen as well.
How to remove:
  • Use an oil-based makeup remover or cleansing balm
  • Mascara will not smudge down the face, rather it will come off in a stringy form making removal a neat procedure.
Hope you love it!


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