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    • Limited Edition Bundle

      KShs 5,700

      Destiny: A playful bright dusty rose – this shade was meant for you.

      Fate: A deep cherry pink that embodies femininity and expression.

      LV Red: Inspired by the fiery passion behind Luca Valentini’s work, this fire-engine red is a shade to be reckoned with.

    • Bright Pinks Bundle

      KShs 5,700

      Valentini: The ultimate summer pink – romantic, playful, and flirty – is a signature share in Luca Valentini’s Art.

      Summer: A delicacy for Summer!

      Dolce: This peachy-pink is flirty and plush. Choose it as your everyday nude.

    • Pink Bundle

      KShs 4,000

      Bellini: This peachy-pink is flirty and plush. Choose it as your everyday nude.

      Dusk: Savage and Sweet.

      Summer: A matte liquid lipstick that has long-lasting effects on the lips which adds up to the overall face make-up for The On-The-Go-Women. A delicacy for Summer!

    • Deep Reds Bundle

      KShs 5,700

      Obsession: Your deadly deep rouge. A deep maroon that brings out the rich, seductive composition of art.

      Boss Lady: Let your lips do the talking. Ambitiously Bold, another statement Red.

    • Purple Bundle

      KShs 4,000

      Muse: A stunning purple inspired by the hues of the Amethyst gemstone.a

      Smooch: Purple haze, do you dare?

      Velvet: Achieve purple perfection in this gorgeous wine grape shade.

    • Artist’s Gift Set

      KShs 6,780

      This Artists Collection Bundle Includes

      • Artist’s Paint Palette
      • Artist’s Sculpt Palette


    • Red Bundle

      KShs 4,000

      Boss Lady: Let your lips do the talking. Ambitiously Bold, another statement Red.

      Red Red: Paint the town with this iconic and classic ruby red.

      Reign: Royal & Regal, own your Throne in this gorgeous purple plum.

    • Fair Nudes

      KShs 4,000

      Duchess: Majestic. Regal. Fit for all our canvas queens. An addictive natural shade to add to the dynasty of nudes.

      Habibti: This colour blends rich cultures from the Sahara sunrise to the Arabian sunset, creating a heritage-inspired look for the modern woman.

      Iconic: The ultimate skin tone- nude. It’s classic and timeless.

    • Dark Nudes Bundle

      KShs 4,000

      Kahawa: Espresso yourself. A timeless deep cocoa brown – everything we love about Africa

      Maple: A walnut brown that is ever in season.

      Savannah: Earth, wind and Fire. A sandy brown made for the wild child and inspired by the hues of the African plains.

    • Luxury Flower & Lipstick Mother’s Day Bouquet’s

      KShs 5,000KShs 9,000
      Canvas Cosmetics is extremely excited to have partnered with female-run luxury flower brand Fleurs de Kav to offer limited edition floral and lipstick bouquets for Women’s Month.
      Treat a special woman in your life this March with this exclusive gift!
    • On The Glow Mist Bundle

      KShs 4,600

      Makeup meets SkinCare with these Refreshing, Hydrating. and Soothing Face mists that add a natural glow to your skin while keeping your makeup in place!

      The Set entails:

      • The On The Glow Apple & Pear Face Mist
      • The On The Glow Pink Orchid Face Mist


      Achieve that subtle sun-kissed glow in an instance!
      Recommended for all skin types!
    • Deep Concealer Kit

      KShs 5,130

      Meet the “Multitasker Concealer”, our Vegan, hydrating, full-coverage concealer, created for all the demanding roles that women play in a 12-hour day. Our instant-brightening formula lets you tackle the day looking and feeling like your best. Get through the stress, fatigue and long hour days with an instant lift, brighten and smooth.

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