Enter the world of Zeeya Jaffer, a multi passionate woman, not defined by a single title. Her heartbeat is in wellness, seamlessly intertwining her expertise in Ayurveda, NLP, and Life Coaching with her unwareing passion for nurturing the whole person – the mind, body, and soul, to inspire women to prioritize SelfCare and emrbace their unique strengths so that they can they can create the life of their dreams.

Zeeya is determined to deconstruct the myth that motherhood and entrepreneurship demand sacrifices,advocating instead for a holistic approach that nurtures both individual strength and collective resilience.

Through her role as a Mum Influencer and a Wellness Coach for High Performance mums, she provides nurturing and guidance for mums to live a life beyond motherhood.

Her profound mission is to reshape wellness and that goes beyond personal transformation. She has Ignited a collective spark for societal change threough her Selfcare club and Mother Circle Workshops creating a supportive space for mothers to feel seen and heard and to appreciate each other on their unique journeys.


For Zeeya, life is a unique journey, an adventure without a one-size-fits-all manual. Her Story extends beyond motherhood and wellness as she also embraces the roles of a home manager, a property manager and a CEO in various industries.

A beacon of warmth, resilience, and empowerment, Zeeya Jaffer’s narrative is an ode to the art of making way for limitless possibilties, thriving amidst chaos, and affirming that every mother deserves appreciation for the extraordinary journey she embarks upon. Zeeya’s gentle encouragement echoes through every word, reminding mothers that their dreams are not just valid—they deserve to be lived.

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