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    • Multitasker Concealer Shade IV & VIII Bundle

      KES 2,900

      Meet the “Multitasker Concealer”, our Vegan, hydrating, full-coverage concealer, created for all the demanding roles that women play in a 12-hour day. Our instant-brightening formula lets you tackle the day looking and feeling like your best. Get through the stress, fatigue and long hour days with an instant lift, brighten and smooth.

    • Artist’s Eyeshadow and Sculpt Bundle

      KES 6,400

      This Artists Collection Bundle Includes

      • Artist’s Paint Palette
      • Artist’s Sculpt Palette


    • Pink Lip Bundle

      KES 4,000

      Empire: The everyday dusty pink you’ve been waiting for.

      Bellini: An Italian summer dream. This peachy-pink is flirty and plush. Choose it as your everyday nude.

      Bella: Crimson & Clover! What a combo!

    • Artist’s Collection Bundle

      KES 11,000

      This Artists Collection Bundle Includes

      • Artist’s Paint Palette
      • Artist’s Sculpt Palette
      • Any 3 lipsticks from Luca Valentini Collection ( Fate, Valentini, LV Red, Obsession, Destiny)



    • Luxury Flower & Lipstick Mother’s Day Bouquet’s

      KES 5,000KES 9,000
      Canvas Cosmetics is extremely excited to have partnered with female-run luxury flower brand Fleurs de Kav to offer limited edition floral and lipstick bouquets for Women’s Month.
      Treat a special woman in your life this March with this exclusive gift!
    • Artist’s Paint Palette

      KES 3,780

      This 35-shade palette is everything you need. From bright and playful to sultry neutrals, this palette contains award-winning highly-pigmented mattes, shimmers, and press glitters. Each shade has been carefully curated with Luca Valentini to symbolize cities, art forms, environments, art techniques, and pieces that he draws inspiration from. With pop art being his signature style, bold and colorful prompt users to not shy away from self-expression whilst still being able to use neutrals for buildable, everyday looks.


      Get A free gift when you purchase the new artist’s paint palette

    • Liquid Glitter Set

      KES 6,000
      We LOVE to see her SPARKLE and we LOVE to see her SHINE!
      Introducing the Precious Metals Metallic Liquid Glitter Eyeshadows Collection!
      In honour of the new year, this collection was created for the ambitious, On The Go, Woman to shine & sparkle on her way through 2023!
      This collection contains 5 metallic liquid glitter eyeshadows inspired by some of the most precious & pure metals on earth!
      1. Chromium – A chocolate metallic brown for the perfect melanin metallic effect.
      2. Rhodium – A mix of gold & silver to create the perfect moon dust metallic.
      3. Nickel – White platinum hues with warm iridescent tones.
      4. Copper – Everyone’s favorite rose gold shade.
      5. Gold –  A timeless classic – this is wealth in a bottle!
    • Gold Liquid Glitter

      KES 1,500

      Gold is a timeless classic – this is wealth in a bottle!

    • Copper Liquid Glitter

      KES 1,500

      Copper is everyone’s favorite rose gold shade.

    • Nickel Liquid Glitter

      KES 1,500

      Nickel is a white platinum hue with warm iridescent tones.

    • Rhodium Liquid Glitter

      KES 1,500

      Rhodium ia a mix of gold & silver to create the perfect moon dust metallic.

    • Chromium Liquid Glitter

      KES 1,500

      Chromium is a chocolate metallic brown for the perfect melanin metallic effect.

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