What your lipstick colour choice says about you

What your lipstick colour choice says about you

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Some say that your lipstick colour tells people a lot about you and today, Canvas Cosmetics comes to you with a little bit of insight into what the lipstick colour you pick tells the world about you and your personality!

  • Red

Bold and fierce. When you pick up your red lipstick, you are not afraid to show the world that you are a passionate being. Red lipstick projects a confidence and sense of self-assuredness that every woman possessed deep down. Canvas Cosmetics has got you covered with our vibrant red – Rumba. Rock it babe!

  • Mauve

This is yet again, quite a strong and bold colour. A mauve lipstick reveals that you are someone who knows exactly what they are doing, even though they may not necessarily be a very ‘flashy’ person. It’s all about quiet control with this power colour and that’s exactly what Smooch gives you!

  • Peach

Peach is a very muted, soft colour which gives the impression that the person wearing it is a kind soul. When others perceive you as a kind person, more often than not, they will behave similarly in response and we definitely need a little more kindness in the world so why not grab yourself a Dawn.

  • Baby Pink

The person wearing a baby pink lip is someone who relishes in being ‘the cute one’. You love all things that make you go “awww” and you are one to be drawn to all things aesthetically pleasing. This shade helps you project a softer, friendlier side of you to the outside world. Canvas Cosmetics can hook you up with our gorgeous baby pink colour Dolce.

  • Unique Colour

Any colour that is seen as ‘out of the box’ like yellow, green or blue projects all things creativity. When you put on a unique colour like Safari, you are telling the world that creativity is a large part of your life and that you are not afraid to be labeled as ‘different’. More power to you!
And there you have it, the next time you’re picking your lipstick colour for the day you can refer to this and see what that colour will be telling the world once you put it on!

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