Diwali Looks – Rock that Metallic!

Diwali Looks – Rock that Metallic!

Diwali,the festival of lights is upon us and and this is the time to show off your best looks! Canvas cosmetics has a few different options for Diwali lip looks with two of our metallics, Sahara and Mara.

  • Go with a bold lip

Diwali is all about gold and this year, why not grab either Sahara or Mara and have that be the statement of your whole Diwali look. Have your eye makeup be very simple, maybe a matte brown swept all over your lid and make sure your lips are the main focus of your look.

  • Mix it with your favourite nude

For those of you who prefer a more subtle lip, you can apply one of our metallic lippies and top it off with your favourite pink or nude lipstick (we recommend Dusk or Bella). This will alter the colour slightly and give you a soft and subtle effect while giving you a gorgeous lip to rock this Diwali.

  • Mix the two lippies together

If you want to go full on GOLD, why not mix Mara and Sahara together? This will give you extra glam and shimmer and would look best with more subtle eye makeup. This will definitely ensure you are a show stopper at any event with your metallic lips!

  • Diwali Mara SaleDab it in the middle of your lips

For a pop of shimmer, apply your favourite lipstick (brown or pink would work) and then dab Mara or Sahara in the middle of both lips to give yourself a glow! If you want even more of a glow, add a gloss on top of this and

  • Switch it up and use Mara or Sahara as eyeshadow

Fun fact : lipstick can be used as eyeshadow too! Simply dab a little bit of your metallic lipstick to your eyelids to complete your stunning, glowy Diwali look. You can decide how much to put depending on how bold or subtle you would like your look to be. Up to you, girl!
There you go, 5 different ways to rock our metallic lippies this Diwali! Tag us in any pictures you post so we can see the gorgeous looks you all come up with.
Remember, Mara and Sahara are on offer from 1st November to 8th November 2018. Grab both of these stunning lippies for only 3,500/=.

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