How To Rock A Nude Lip Like A Pro

How To Rock A Nude Lip Like A Pro

How To Rock A Nude Lip

The word “Nude” when used in the context of makeup and fashion refers to something that is almost skin coloured. This means that nude lipstick is different for every skin tone. In most cases, light skinned people are associated with pink and dark skinned people with brown when speaking about nude lipstick. However, Canvas Cosmetics is here to break the norms of makeup and show you how to switch up and achieve the perfect nude lip.

  1.     Ditch the norms

As mentioned before, dark skinned people have always been associated with brown tones. However, pink lipsticks can also be worn to give a subtle, everyday look. For my dark skinned ladies, just grab a brown lip liner, line your lips and then apply a pink lipstick all over (I would highly recommend Bella as it is the perfect pink and also one of our best sellers!). Blend it all out voila, you have the perfect nude lip to rock all day long.

  1.     Light skinned babes

For light skinned ladies, most pink nudes can work without having to use a lip liner. This cuts down on cost as you do not have to purchase a lip liner as well as time spent doing your makeup as you can just grab your lippie and head out. Try our perfect nude, Dawn.

  1.     Add a gloss to jazz up the look

Once you have put on one of our nude liquid lipsticks, with or without a lip liner, add a lip gloss on top for some shine and extra pazzaz! This is the perfect combo to make your lips stand out even more and this can easily move from day to night.
There you have it, 3 tips to help you rock nude lippies! Shop our full range of lipsticks on our website and remember, all pink lipsticks are on 10% off for our #Pinktober offer. Happy shopping

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